Advantage Talent, Inc. – Ahead of the Curve

Your industry has transformed.  We have transformed too.

Using technology and data, with our help C-Suite Leaders can now:

  • Improve Mergers and Acquisitions outcomes by using our CoreEngager™ solution.
  • Quickly Hire the right people to expand the team.
  • Easily Optimize team engagement and performance.
  • Quickly Enhance cross-functional interactions with co-workers.
  • Increase customer sales by pairing the right sales team members with the right customers.
  • Easily Customize employee engagement, mentorship, and career growth.

We refine the data to make it actionable.

The University of Pennsylvania and Harvard cite that M&A activity has reached historically high levels of failure, with rates as high as 90 percent.  And the #1 reason for failure is “Culture.”  Culture failure equals leadership failure.

No reason to stay old school and accept old school failures

CoreEngager™ enables you to understand the Living Logo™ of the people involved: What are their normal behaviors, personalities, values and motivations. You can now gain due diligence insights through data on the reality of the people involved versus perceptions.

Every successful M&A deal is driven by engaged Leaders. Using people data analytics from due diligence to post-deal integration is important in managing negotiations, collaboration, culture, top talent, and next-generation leader retention and customer retention and expansion.

Disengaged employees cost money and decrease productivity.

Employee engagement cannot be outsourced to technology, outsourced to HR, outsourced to the corporate marketing department, or outsourced to the company’s social media manager.  Disengaged employees are responding to management and the culture created by the corporate leaders.  The solution has to begin and end with management.

Professional Branding is different than Personal Branding

Personal Branding is about fame and leads to shouting in the feed and executing on a Red Ocean strategy.

Professional Branding is about executing on a Blue Ocean strategy that teaches you how to get paid.  Our Brand Control is A.R.T.™ Online Program wil teach you how to use LinkedIn to best execute on your goals to increase reach and multiply revenue opportunities.