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Fostering Engagement and Stakeholder success for the Employer and the Employee with an Add Value First Culture™

“Attracting top talent and next-gen leaders is no longer just an HR initiative. It’s a business imperative, and everyone must participate.”

Tracy Levine and Michael Levine, Advantage Talent, Inc.


We are an engagement strategy firm for companies and leaders who want to “Navigate a Future that No One Can Predict.”

Our services are designed to clarify how to Future-proof your Workforce, Future-proof Careers, and Future-proof EBITDA.  We will help you build An Add Value First Culture™.

Your Culture is your Brand.  Improve your culture, improve your recruitment brand.

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Disengaged Employees Cost Money and Decrease Productivity

Employee engagement cannot be outsourced to technology, outsourced to HR, outsourced to the corporate marketing department, or outsourced to the company’s social media manager.  Disengaged employees are responding to management and the culture created by the corporate leaders.  The solution has to begin and end with management.

Employers need to brand what matters - an Add Value First Culture™!

Our Process

We help corporate America improve employee engagement and branding to recruit and retain top talent.  Our proprietary process will help give you clarity on actionable next steps you need to build an Add Value First Culture™.

Living Logo™ Identification

Living Logo™ Optimization

Add Value First Culture™ Creation

Add Value First Culture™ Maximization

The Corporate Living Logo™ cannot be outsourced to a Social Media Department or to the Marketing Department.

Living Logo™ Identification

Every company has a Living Logo™.  We use technology to analyze your Living Logo™ to determine whether your employee LinkedIn Profiles are Brand Ambassadors, Brand Neutral, or Brand Detractors.

Create a customized plan that is a win for the employee and the employer.  We help you multiply trust in your culture and brand!

Employers who want to attract Top Talent must Execute a Professional Branding Initiative for All Employees

Living Logo™ Optimization

Future employees are reviewing Executive and Team Member LinkedIn profiles to determine whether to apply to jobs, to accept interviews, or to accept offers.  A company’s Living Logo™ determines a company’s competitiveness in the talent market.

Candidates can see if you have authoritative and self-absorbed leaders.  They can tell if you don’t have diversity and inclusion.  They can tell if there is a retention issue in a division or company-wide.  Most importantly, they can tell if the company is one where all stakeholders win, the employee and the employer.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Professional Branding is different than Personal Branding

Personal Branding is about fame and leads to shouting in the feed and executing on a Red Ocean strategy.

Professional Branding is about executing on a Blue Ocean strategy.  Our Brand Control is A.R.T.™   online program will teach Professional Digital Citizenship skills on how to use LinkedIn to execute on creating a Professional Brand that turns Employee Profiles into Brand Ambassador Profiles.

When employers see Brand Control is A.R.T.™ badges on a professional’s LinkedIn Profile, they know the professional understands digital citizenship.  Professionals who understand digital citizenship basics are less likely to be a brand risk to themselves or their employees.

An Authentic Living Logo™ is the First Step for Showcasing an Add Value First Culture™

WHY?  An Add Value First Culture™ cannot be faked.  A lack of an Add Value First Culture™ cannot be marketed away. 

Your employee profiles give transparency into your company culture.  LinkedIn allows candidates to use data, not rumor or marketing campaigns, to judge a company’s commitment to making sure the employee-employer relationship is a win for both stakeholders.

Add Value First Culture™ Creation

We help you create a customized Add Value First Culture that Fosters Engagement through Employee Upskilling and Keeping People Relevant and In-Demand.

Add Value First Culture™ Maximization

We train Systems Leaders who create and execute on an Add Value First Culture™.  Leaders learn the skills needed to develop S.M.A.R.T. Goals that create alignment with Fostering Engagement and Stakeholder success for the Employer and the Employee.