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2021 and Beyond: The Past, Present, and Future of Blockchain

Big Thinks December 2020 Linda Goetze Predicts the future of Blockchain in 2021 and beyond

Linda Goetze

Co-Founder and EVP DFM Data Corp. | Former President/CEO Blockchain Chamber of Commerce | Emerging Tech Thought Leader | Educator | International Keynote | Ethical Investor | "Leading to Serve"

Blockchain technologies are already being implemented across governments and verticals globally. By the time we get to 2025, I believe that at least half of the world’s governments will have some type of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) integrated into at least one of their government processes. By 2030 that number should be approaching 100% of governments having integrated blockchain technology either in their monetary systems or in the business process flow.  I hope to see the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce with chapters in every country and is seen as a strong player in bringing integrity and positive purpose to an industry that has been unfortunately riddled with scammers and opportunists.

Ten years from now, if I had to describe 2020, I would point to the year where financial institutions openly and even proudly admitted to their engagement with, and investment in, DLT’s including cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has become a diversification at the tune of 100 million for 169 year-old companies like Mass Mutual. A company that has been known for the solid nature of their investments over time. 2020 will be the year that a pandemic did not kill innovation. Instead, 2020 will be remembered as the year that ignited innovation across several industries and functions, including healthcare, supply chain, and financial services verticals.

By 2023 I think we will see Real Estate investments tokenized across global markets. Supply chain is another vertical that the pandemic lockdowns globally highlighted as a vertical ripe for disruption and improvement. The acceleration of dynamic freight matching implementation has been extreme. Investment in healthcare tech is also being heavily impacted and accelerated as the pandemic is being addressed in myriad ways that involve track and trace to eliminate counterfeits, validate health status, etc.  Identity is the last major impact zone to highlight.  Digital “agency” has not been previously possible, but I believe that a combination of multikey technology, AI, and Blockchain will fundamentally restructure the touchpoints of business and social connectivity globally.

The most exciting opportunities in 2021 will include being part of the value appreciation of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. My friend On Yavin is building a fund of Blockchain and Crypto funds that will probably be one of the world’s highest performing investment opportunities. As governments continue to print money that is not backed by an appropriate time-value correlation, and the tenuous nature of bond markets is showcased, cryptographically secured assets that can not be artificially increased in number will rise in relative value.

We will see inflation increase at varying speeds throughout the coming years as legacy monetary systems devolve and diversification into assets outside of fiat currency becomes an obvious choice. Unfortunately, there will still be scammers as well as well intentioned Decentralized Finance (Defi) platforms that will try to apply traditional finance methods to the management of crypto.  In 2021 and beyond, governance needs to be taken seriously, and regulatory clarity needs to continue to grow as the industry matures, and the technology fills the need for which it was created.

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