About Us

We're dedicated to making the world a better place for all stakeholders. We do this by teaching corporate Leaders how to partner with Employees to create Future-Proof Careers that multiply opportunities to stay engaged and increase outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

To help each Leader identify their unique career path, create a future-proof career plan, and share their systems leadership skills to empower their team and company to stay competitive in a Global Economy.

Our Vision and Values

To help Leaders build rock-solid cultures that keep them 'Ahead of the Curve' so that they can create career stability for their employees, increase all stakeholders income, multiply opportunities for all stakeholders, and foster an optimized life of health, happiness and purpose-driven success for their employees.

Michael and Tracy Levine

The Founders: Our Story

Tracy and Michael Levine are the Co-Founders of Advantage Talent, Inc.  As a successful couple that has run their business based on their passion to educate, to support and to constantly uplevel others, they have a history of empowering people to achieve their career dreams.

Tracy and Michael are both recognized International Keynote Speakers, Corporate Trainers and Think Tank Facilitators.  Thousands of Professionals have participated in their Think Tank groups and Forums, including:  iii4.0 – Innovation Incubator, RETF – the Renaissance Executive Transition Forums, FEF – the Financial Executives Forums, and the CFO Roundtables.

Tracy and Michael recently interviewed over 1000 Executive Leaders to learn about what their companies were doing to engage their workers and help all stakeholders win in the employer-employee relationship.  As a result of their research it became clear that lack of engagement is a systems problem and requires selfless leaders with different filters and backgrounds to collaborate and find solutions.

They enjoyed collaborating with Michelle Galvani, Jenny O’Donnell, and Chris Butsch to tackle this complex issue of disengagement.  The result of this collaboration is the book, WIN:  Future-Proofing Your Workforce in the Age of Disengagement.  This groundbreaking collaboration can be ordered here.

“Merger & Acquisition leaders can no longer afford to ignore the top talent shortage and continue the practice of business as usual.  Human capital is one of the principal assets that can make the difference between a successful transaction or an unsuccessful transaction.  WIN lays out in clear terms what it will take to engage top talent and next-gen leaders.”  Jeff Baker, EVP, Mergers and Acquisitions, InComm

“WIN is about liberation from old ideas about the social contract between employees and employers. The book is a convincing, engaging survey of research and anecdotes that confirm a thoughtful, collaborative approach to employee engagement works.”  Judy Romano – SHRM Atlanta Board Member, CFO Leadership Council Board Member, CFO NOW (Network of Women) Advisory Board member,  Executive Coach

Tracy and Michael Levine are Authentic Business Coaches

In the new disrupted job market, more people will be freelancers and will have family businesses.  Tracy and Michael have earned millions in revenue, helped 100,000+ professionals, partnered with 4,000+ companies and have run a successful business for over 14 years.  Their core focus is helping all stakeholders win in a disrupted job market.   

News & Updates

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Tracy Levine Forbes Coaches Council, Award Winning Author
Advantage Talent, Inc. In the News
Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council

Three Best Practices For Career Success

The successful candidate will be the professional who implements the following best practices for digital branding. Be Immediately Available., Relevant, and Transparent.

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Freedom Slay Interview Tracy Levine Forbes Coaches Council and CEO Advantage Talent Inc
Advantage Talent, Inc. In the News
Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council

How to Future-Proof Your Business While Staying Relevant Today-The Freedom Slay Podcast

Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council Member, dives deeply into some changes Google is making and why your website may not be able to be found in the near future if you don’t make some tweaks. She also touches on what it takes to build true, lasting influence & drops a FREE RESOURCE you can take advantage of that’ll seperate you from the pack. And this is just scratching the surface.

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Advantage Talent, Inc. In the News
Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council

The University of Northern Texas starts a new Master’s of Science AI Program

Forbes assembled a panel of experts to detail the hot careers in coming years. Of AI, panel member Tracy Levine of Advantage Talent Inc. wrote: “AI will continue to contribute to global economic activity and job growth. The job growth areas include R&D, application of AI across industries to grow capabilities, using AI to solve complex global issues, AI education and evaluating the ethics and impact of AI on society. The U.S. is leading in educational opportunities for students to learn the skills needed for AI jobs.”

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What Our Clients Say:

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Tracy and Michael Levine speak about the changing landscape of employment and workforce trends. Their work was exceptionally well researched and included the most current tools and tech in the industry. The information they shared was incredibly valuable and revealed changes that are happening in the background right now that most people are completely un-aware are becoming S.O.P. They covered everything from how and when to prepare children to be competitive in the future job market (and it’s sooner and much different than what most people think), how a working professional can stay relevant, the role of AI, personality profiles and the influence of a person’s social media footprint in the hiring and retention process. I honestly don’t think I’ve said “Wow” this much since my first visit to Hawaii.

Tracy and Michael pulled back the curtain and revealed the real “Oz”. Things have changed and technology is the driving force in the decision-making process. If you ever get a chance, make sure you see their keynote speech.
Tracy’s career coaching expertise has been instrumental in helping me update my personal brand, portfolio, social media presence and strategy. All of these have been key to achieve relevancy in today’s new employment landscape. Her vast knowledge of people, business and technology makes her an expert in her field! She has been invaluable as a career coach and motivator. I highly recommend her services and guidance to anyone wanting to build, improve or advance their career.
Michael is exceptional in his ability to guide executives in this Industry 4.0 business environment. His vast knowledge of people, business and the impact emerging technologies (on businesses: Blockchain, Ai, RPA, IoT, 3D Printing, etc.), makes him an expert World-class Coach.

Michael has created a level of awareness that significantly strengthens my ability to elevate my career. I enjoy working with him and value our time together.