About Us

We are committed to solving the Employee Disengagement Crisis.  The cornerstone of our solutions is, of course, our expertise in Top Talent Recruiting and Coaching, which makes us uniquely qualified to ADDRESS the Disengagement Problem.

We know why employees disengage and have a front-row seat to trends in hiring and job transformation.  We help you engage employees through their Professional Brand.

Tracy Levine, Chairman & CEO

As a keynote speaker and consultant, her insights have been featured in FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Associated Press, Reuters and Forbes. She is an expert in driving employee engagement through combining best marketing practices, data and use of disruptive technologies.  As the only Emory Graduate matriculated into their University without a high school diploma, Tracy has always approached life through a disruptive lens.

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Michael Levine, Keynote Speaker

Michael Levine, CEO & President

As an international keynote speaker and consultant, he has shared his expertise in driving employee engagement through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other disruptive technologies.  He is a regular contributor to the media on the topics of Digital Identity, Employee Engagement, and Disruptive Innovation Initiatives.  His insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Business Chronicle, and other major national media.

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Why is a Nautilus in the Advantage Talent, Inc. logo?  Our core focus is Innovation.  The Nautilus has become a symbol for innovation, expansion, renewal, and life’s unfolding mysteries because of its growth into increasingly larger chambers throughout its life.

Math fact: The growth pattern of the Nautilus a natural example of a logarithmic spiral known as the golden mean number or PHI – 1.6180339… and Plato called this number – “The key for the universe physics”.