Congratulations! LinkedIn has promoted you to the CEO of your own news station.

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Congratulations! LinkedIn has promoted you to the CEO of your own news stations. With that promotion, you get the opportunity to reap the rewards of success or experience the pain of disengagement.

As the CEO of your personal news station:

  • You get to program your channel with the ideas that matter to you.
  • You get to talk about what you want.
  • You get to interview whom you want by making comments and asking questions on other member’s posts.
  • And only talk about yourself.

But your audience can:

  • Stop watching your news channel.
  • Turn to a news station with content that matters to them.
  • Talk about what they want to talk about on another news station by utilizing the LinkedIn comments section.
  • Go to another news station that has a more diverse group of people engaging on broader topics.
  • Or stay on their own news station and talk only about themselves.
  • They can compete with you by creating a news station that has better programming.

3 Tips for Having a Great LinkedIn News Station

Great LinkedIn News Stations know their core target audience, post their content in the right places, and actively engage others.

1. Know your core target audience

Most professionals on LinkedIn have two core audience types – people and technology. Your core audience is the main reason you are on LinkedIn. These are the professionals you want to hire you or collaborate with you.

Technology is how people find you on LinkedIn and is directly tied to your core target audience. Hiring Managers and Recruiters use LinkedIn to find top players to join their team. They do this by using LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Luckily, this makes it easy to be found by the right people when they are looking to hire.

While the Hiring Manager or the Recruiter tells the technology what type of candidate they are looking to hire, your core audience has told them what kind of skills they are looking to hire.

2. Post your content in the right place

It is important to put the content in the place that your core target audience, people, or technology expect to find the information. LinkedIn gives you 3 media channels to syndicate your news station content – the Feed, Groups, and Your Public Profile.

  • LinkedIn gives you three ways to post in the feed. You can choose to have your posts shown to anyone, your network, or if it is an event, you can post it in the event section.
  • The three main group types are subject-focused, professional, and alumni. Groups are a great way to target your core audience that is already looking to engage with the type of content you are looking to share.
  • Your LinkedIn Profile is a great place to share content. The profile allows you to share your best content at the top. And has sections to divide out content so that when people want to learn more about you, they can easily find the content they need to decide to hire you or collaborate with you.

Great LinkedIn news stations give their audience the content they want to see in the place they want to see it.

3. Actively Engage Others

The best news stations know what their audience cares about because they engage their audience. Be sure to follow others and engage with their content.

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