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Big Thinks Magazine August 2020

Tracy Levine

Tracy Levine

Forbes Coaches Council/Editorial Director

Big Thinks Magazine August 2020 Cover Seen and Heard
Big Thinks Magazine Editors: Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council; Evelina Roseman, Chief Economist; Judy Romano, Innovative CFO

Letter from the Directorial Editor

2020 will be remembered as a year of new ideas and women being seen and heard at the National Level of Politics.  Kamala Harris is the first black woman to be nominated for the position of Vice President in a major U.S. political party.  It is important to note that this is also the 100th anniversary for all women getting the right to vote.

 Harris’ opportunity did not happen in a vacuum.  It was the efforts of women from both parties that proceeded Harris that allow women to continue to play a bigger role in guiding policy.  On the Shoulders of Others Before Us—It is the grandmothers and grandfathers, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and men and women from all walks of life who were supporters and collaborators that have paved the path for more women being seen and heard.

For all of us, COVID made us rethink what worked in our personal and professional lives ass businesses had to reinvent standard operating procedures.  Technology and data went from being seen as a tactical efficiency tool to being seen as a strategic partner with humans.  No-Collar workforces are using technology and data to create strategic wins in business.  In our personal lives as bank branches closed, many people turned to digital banking accelerating the move to an Open Banking System and Physical Therapy went virtual. 

COVID has shaped the hot topics in the news.  As states fight for supplies and people order more products online, trucks are coming under cyber attack and thus need cyber shields.  Immigration is a hot topic again raising the debate of Immigration vs Innovation.  This time is different.  Technology is eating protectionisms lunch.  We are moving to a world of “No Visa. No Problem.” reality and the acceleration of job competition being truly global.  All professionals need to reskill and embrace the Global Initiative to understand the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Big Thinks Magazine

August 2020 Issue

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