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Big Thinks Magazine July 2020

Tracy Levine

Tracy Levine

Forbes Coaches Council/Editorial Director

Big Thinks Magazine July 2020

2020 will be remembered as a year of Tipping Points.  Some parts of society and business stood still or lost momentum, while others drastically changed the way we lived our lives and worked.  Technology became an integral part of our lives as everyone on a personal and professional level adapted to a new reality.

Society went through a digital transformation.  Knowledge workers went remote and corporate offices went dormant.  Remote work that was once thought too hard to scale was scaled very quickly.  Workers went from conference rooms to virtual rooms.  Many Doctors’ offices went from waiting rooms to Telehealth and a virtual visit. 

The most significant Tipping Point was the acceleration of companies adopting new technologies to build more resilient companies.  In this issue, Global Mastermind Accelerator Members and Guest Contributors will explore 2020 Tipping Points.

Tracy Levine Editorial Director

Big Thinks Magazine

July 2020 Issue

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