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Big Thinks Magazine October 2020

Tracy Levine

Tracy Levine

Forbes Coaches Council/Editorial Director

Big Thinks October Just Know For It

Letter from the Directorial Editor

The pandemic is accelerating the trend of robots replacing humans in the workplace.  While Legacy jobs are decreasing, new jobs are being created.  Some technologies moving quickly from emerging to mainstream have caught many i professionals unprepared to transition their careers easily.  College students and high school students are unsure of their career paths.

One thing is clear educators need to prepare students for careers where STEAM/STEM is the foundation.  Paloma Carignano and her father, Tony Carignano, discuss how to address the education gap.  While Evelina Roseman – Chief Economist addresses the extended crisis and the increase in crisis management jobs.  As companies handle crises, they are looking to be better partners with all stakeholders.  This has led to a new job title, Purpose-Driven Product Manager.  Lisa Musich shares what it takes to become a Purpose-Driven Product Manager.

Judy Romano-Managing Editor explores how new and different the finance department will be in the new future as senior leaders manage a team of humans and machines.  Finance is not the only profession being impacted by automation.  Christian Romano explores the world of Robocops versus Lawbots.  And Jenya Peterson writes about one of the new careers – Algorithm Bias Auditor.

Two technologies that are having a big impact are edge computing and augmented reality (AR).  Rashmi Verma explains how industries are implementing edge computing.  Karyn Mullins explores how augmented reality (AR) is a technology that is gaining rapid adoption.

I will address how college students and people looking to jumpstart their careers can take their careers from good to great.

Big Thinks Magazine

October 2020 Issue

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Big Thinks November 2020 Can Women Be Technology Leaders by Tracy Levine Forbes Coaches Council and CEO Advantage Talent Inc

Now is the perfect time for women to embrace being technoogy leaders and companies to mentor them for leadership roles.

Big Thinks November 2020 Internet of Thinking Distributed Technology by Judy Romano

Technology is everywhere, and to satisfy consumers' need for instant feedback, companies face the challenge of bringing relevant and timely insights to consumers at a moment's notice.

Big Thinks November 2020 Connectedness and Continuity of Economic Space Evelina Roseman

Globalization has entered the phase of a single continuous space of economic activity that includes dry land, ocean's water, aerial atmosphere, and open space well beyond our planet's surface. And it's all connected!

Big Thinks November 2020 From Smart Cities to Smarter Cities with 5G by Rashmi Verma

As humans, we strive to lead a good quality of life and continue to innovate to make it better! According to the United Nations, “68 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050.”

Big Thinks November 2020 From Wearable to Printed-On: The Future is Printable Biosensors by Allen Roberson

On the spectrum of personal health technology, ranging from wearables to implants, a new entrant will revolutionize how we monitor our health: biosensors printed directly onto the skin.

Big Thinks November 2020 Brain Machine Interface by Alejandra Torchia

Brain-computer interfaces , like Elon Musk’s Neuralink, requires surgery to be implanted. It essentially is a network of tiny electrodes linked to your brain to measure activity of the neurons.

Big Thinks November 2020 AIoT of Agriculture by Michelle Galvanni

The Agriculture and the farming industry is going through a significant transformation. Abandoning traditional farming practices, the agricultural industry is embracing digital connectedness and data. Increasingly, they are building an ecosystem of smart farms.

Big Thinks November 2020 Biometrics: Connected You and Your Money by Azahara Munoz

The future is a world without passwords. Biometrics are safer and harder to hack.

Big Thinks November 2020 Connected The Internet of Medical Things by Karyn Mullin

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) IoMT is a network of connected devices that generate, collect, transmit, and analyze data. This market consists of many types of devices such as wearables, implanted devices, and stationary machines that connect and communicate with each other as well as health systems.

Big Thinks November 2020 From the Internet of Everything to the Security of Everything by Jenya Peterson

Covid-19 put an additional spin on the relevance of security. An increased number of people work from home.

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