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Big Thinks Magazine September 2020

Tracy Levine

Tracy Levine

Forbes Coaches Council/Editorial Director

Big Thinks September 2020 The Long Layover

Letter from the Directorial Editor

2020 will be remembered as the Long Layover.  What was once expected to be a short disruption has turned into long term disruption that may last well into 2021.

Many of us have been watching more tv, streaming more media and binge watching shows during this pause in our social lives.  Michelle Galvani explores how the media landscape is set for a major disruption that will change what you will see or can see.  And for those who need a break from vacation in front of the computer screen and the tv, Kristin Hoogheem shares the benefit of a workcation.

Executives are taking this moment to secure their and their company’s position in the Global Ecosystem.  Managing Editor, Judy Romano, shares how the CFO is moving “From CFO No to CFO Go.”  I address the growing skills gap in the C-Suite as they lead technology driven companies.  Stakeholders need the C-Suite to reskill to be better leaders.  Chief Economist, Evelina Roseman, explains what it means to be part of the Planetary ecosystem.

Despite COVID the trend of people moving to cities is expected to continue.  Jenny O’Donnell explores how 3d printing may be the answer to meeting an expanding demand in cities. 

Many are sounding the alarm that a possible food supply chain issue is looming combined with a biodiversity crisis.  Sophie Galvani shares how restorative economics could help change the tide.

During Covid there was major disruption.  Most doctors’ visits went virtual.  Karyn Mullins explores how Wearables went from accessories of fitness to Health Wearables.  Michael Young and Michelle Galvani tackle how some commercial buildings can be repurposed.


Big Thinks Magazine

September 2020 Issue

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Big Thinks April 2021 Alicia Alfonso

The world is no longer split between social impact and non-social impact. We’ve entered a time when every organization, government, and citizen is expected to improve the world around them in one way or another.

Big Thinks April 2021 Cover Pictures Judy Romano Managing Editor

The Good News: Hotels have a clear path to recovery after a rocky year if they continue their technology transformation and flexibility for serving a hybrid customer base.

Big Thinks April 2021 Cover Jenya Peterson Contributor

IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) is rapidly changing and innovating manufacturing by offering connectivity of assets, linking machines, people, products, and analytics into one ecosystem.

In this era of digital globalization, data sovereignty and privacy issues have become a constant challenge for companies that are running businesses locally or globally. Globalization demands for information flow across the borders. Cloud technology has removed the geographical barriers of data storage, providing companies the ability to store information anywhere globally.

Big Thinks April 2021 Cover Karyn Mullins Contributor

We expect to order an item online but return it to a physical store and buy groceries online but drive a physical location for quick pickup. This digital transformation has been ongoing in many other industries for years and has now arrived in healthcare.

Big Thinks March 2021 Lisa Musich Contributor

In today's market, candidates (and employees) are experiencing the same dynamic pressures that affect SaaS and other technology products. By thinking of themselves as products and applying the same practices and techniques that lead to market success, they can remain current and meet the rapidly evolving needs of the most elite employers. Those that don't will continue to fall further and further behind.

Robots are here. It is no longer a prediction for the future but a reality of today. Robots are already taking jobs in every industry and at every level.

Big Thinks March 2021 Michelle Galvani Contributor

Current wisdom states that companies are hiring skills over degrees. Why doesn’t it feel that way? In the news: The story is disheartening, especially for the younger generations. 52% of recent college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed.

With remote working, the time has arrived for all to think about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) through a much broader lens than before. Companies have been primarily focusing on increasing diversity of gender and race and have spent less focus on creating an inclusive environment for people with diverse abilities and disabilities.

Big Thinks March 2021 Jenya Peterson Contributor

Hiring managers are looking for candidates that can do the job, have the right skills, and fit well with the team. Blockchain is transforming recruiting by providing a fast solution to the long-standing struggle of validating candidates’ identity and skills. The question stands on what can and can not be part of the blockchained resume.