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Big Thinks February 2021 Digital Equity by Rashsmi Verma Equifax

Corporate Leaders as Allies for Digital Equality

Lack of broadband infrastructure, unaffordable internet subscriptions, and lack of training creates a digital gap between the urban population and others living in low or no coverage areas. This digital gap is causing inclusiveness and job retention challenges at the workplaces.

January 2021 Big Thinks Cover Judy Romano Big Thinks Judy Romano Managing Editor

Cryptocurrency: The Changing Ecosystem

$31.2 billion worth of retail products and services were purchased using cryptocurrencies by Americans. And Bitcoin’s biggest backers are Millennial men who live in cities and make more than $75000 a year. PayPal was the first major company to tap into this growing consumer market.

Big Thinks 2021 Michelle Galvani Big Thinks Contributor

Social Media’s Uncertain Foundation

The complexities of Social Media requires a multi-faceted solution. A high-quality solution will take the cooperation of the technology companies, the legislators, and a brain trust of specialized experts in sociology and other fields working in tandem to identify and define the issues and build guard rails that will stand the test of time of technology innovation.