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Welcome to Big Thinks MagazineBig Thinks Magazine is the Official Magazine of the Global Mastermind Accelerator.  The Big Thinks Magazine is an online digital magazine published monthly, focusing on topics from a different perspective than most business and scholarly media outlets.  These outlets have historically focused on giving the mic to a limited group of people or points of view.  

Our mission and vision are to use the Big Thinks platform to Opensource ideas and give the mic to a larger audience to solve complex issues.  It’s time to burst the thought bubble.

The Global Mastermind Accelerator is a Global Group of Women from multiple corporate executives and Entrepreneurs who meet regularly to discuss global issues.  The mission of the group is to accelerate possibilities, accelerate solutions, and to change the world.

Big Thinks Magazine June 2020

Big Thinks Magazine June 2020

Now that we are living a version of the Movie Groundhog day, people are starting to ask, “Now What?” Our Big Thinks Contributors, write about the pivot to let go of yesterday’s systems and embrace New Beginnings.

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