Personal Branding for Professionals and Executives

Brand Control is A.R.T.™ Courses

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The single most valuable asset you will ever have is your professional reputation.  Social media is where Professionals are exposing their Emotional Quotient (or lack thereof) on the global stage.  Your personal and professional brand is dependent on building trust through your online public profiles.


Personal Branding is about fame, and leads to shouting in the feed and executing on a ‘Red Ocean’ strategy.  Professional Branding is about executing on a ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy.

The Brand Control is A.R.T.™ online program will teach Professional Digital Citizenship skills for using LinkedIn to create a Professional Brand that turns Employee Profiles into Brand Ambassador Profiles.

When employers see Brand Control is A.R.T.™ badges on a professional’s LinkedIn Profile, they know the professional understands digital citizenship.  Professionals who understand digital citizenship basics are less likely to be a brand risk to themselves or their employees.