Can Do Attitude, Embrace Ambiguity by Ania Caruso CPCU

Leaders Magazine Issue 1 April 2020

Most crises do not come with an instruction manual on how to navigate through it successfully while continuing to drive the desired results. Although crisis management and business continuity plans are tools most companies establish in order to ensure their survival and robust recovery strategy, it is the human component that brings it all together.

We all have heard that “bad news ages badly ” and when protocols around us change rapidly sometimes things go not as planned even with our best intention and efforts.

Taking ownership of our actions in an authentic and humble way coupled with an effective communication strategy and a solution mindset are the best antidotes to misunderstanding and will help move us forward.

Now more than ever the “can do” attitude is what is going to get us all through to the “other side”! And the other side will be a more robust, tech savvy, resilient and agile society.

“Current Covid-19 situation puts a spotlight on the importance of being comfortable with ambiguity as well as transparency and honesty with all stakeholders around us – from the employees, clients, prospects, community leaders to our family and friends."

Ania Caruso CPCU, VP, Business, The Plexus Groupe Tweet

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Actively listening to others elevates them and elevates your value as a professional. Collaboration, which begins with listening before talking, is essential for growing it forward. We have the brain trust to make great things happen in our careers, companies and society!

Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council Tweet
Globalization will get stronger coming out of this crisis, people should use this time to bridge the skills gap and invest strategically in their future.
We have all gotten very good at washing our hands repeatedly.  Acquiring similar computing hygiene is the first step in stopping the spread of cybercrime.
Some businesses in a more liquid position may use this time to implement the innovative changes they have desired to make, but have not had time to do so.
While it is heartbreaking to see so many lives lost to COVID-19, this pandemic is bringing out the best in people, and technology is an enabler.
In a crisis, we return to the truest version of ourselves. For my team and me, that is to be a source of calm and confidence amidst the chaos.

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