Accelerate Your Career

Career Accelerator Package

With clear Mission, Vision, and Values statements, it’s easy to consider what steps you should take next to elevate or pivot your career. It’s easy to place a finger on exactly why you should select one job over another or why you want to pursue one career path over another. And it’s easy to evaluate your worth and where your career goals fit into the broader job landscape.

That’s because your Mission, Vision, and Values play an extremely pivotal part in your career strategic planning process — or at least they should. With a sense of purpose and direction, you can confidently prepare for the future and easily determine what to do next to accelerate your career.

Working with Award-Winning Coaches, you will clarify your Mission, Vision, and Values.

The Job Market is Different Now

The way you boost your career is different than in the past.  You are more likely to be hired by companies that have fully embraced the Liquid Workforce.  In 2016, Accenture coined the term Liquid Workforce to describe the process of organizing and shaping teams so that they can rapidly adapt and change depending on the environment they find themselves in.

The biggest advantage Professionals have when planning their next career move is a clear understanding that the job market has changed.  Companies are radically pivoting and you must too.

Companies are Liquid and You Win when you are Liquid Too

Liquid easily adjusts to the shape of the container it’s poured into.  You win as you learn new skills that transcend silos and include emerging skills. You win when you have a combination of skills that make you liquid and easily poured into the organization.

We help you optimize your current network and build a broader network through LinkedIn.  You will learn techniques to network with both algorithms and people to increase opportunities.   

The package includes guided courses and 3 one-on-one Calls with an Executive Coach for deep dives and guidance.

Take Classes Taught by Award Winning Coach

You will learn Powerful strategies from Award-Winning Career Coach and Forbes Coaches Council Member Tracy Levine. In her career, she has helped thousands of people get jobs, promotions, and raises.

Good Careers happen to you. Great Careers live within you. Quote by Tracy Levine Forbes Coaches Council