LinkedIn Digital Citizen Essentials

Gain an edge over your peers by learning practical Digital Citizen skills for promoting and protecting your Professional Brand.

5 Lessons

How to Improve Your LInkedIn Digital Citizenship

“It’s not Digital Citizenship – It is just Citizenship!”

The Civics Lessons we learned from our parents, religious institutions and schools, also apply online.  You have a responsibility to support the well-being of the community, to be respectful of others and respect the legal rights of others.

Professionals need Digital Citizen skills to participate fully in their companies, their professional communities, and to make smart choices online to promote and to protect their Professional Brand.

LinkedIn Digital Citizen Essentials

In this course you will learn the new Digital Citizen skills that will create a strong foundation for your LinkedIn Professional Brand.

A Digital Citizen is a person who develops the skills and knowledge to effectively use the internet and other digital technology to participate responsibly in social and civic activities.  ( 2018)

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