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LinkedIn Digital Presenter Essentials

How to be an effective Communicator in the LinkedIn Community

LinkedIn is different

Creating Digital Content for LinkedIn is different than for any other audience.  You are presenting to a group comprised of Professionals.  The biggest mistake Professionals make when using LinkedIn is failing to understand that all social media platforms are not the same.  LinkedIn users expect to see different content than they would find on personal social media platforms.

Communication is one of the Most In-Demand Hard and Soft Skills

While Hard skills concern your ability to do a specific task, Soft skills are more about the way you do them.  Hard skills include specialized knowledge and technical abilities including which technical tools you use to present your information.

Soft skills include the way you communicate the information.  Do you know the best tone and best way to share your new knowledge?  Do you understand how to know who would find the information valuable?

LinkedIn Digital Presenter Essentials is all about Communication!

You will learn insider tested fundamentals that you can use to consistently create Professional Value Add content.