The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for High School and College Students

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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for High School and College Students

The single most valuable asset you will ever have is your professional reputation.

Today, we are connected to a global audience through our online digital identity.  Knowing how to create a rock solid Professional Online presence is the most important digital skill you will learn. Your digital identity will determine your career opportunities.

When you have a strong Professional Brand, colleges and employers flock to you, they are loyal to you, and your brand has enough built-in trust to withstand scrutiny by others or by technology.  But, if you have a weak or a damaged Professional Brand, then it is hard to stand out from other students, you’ll struggle to attract opportunities.

Yet, most students have virtually no strategy or process to shape their Digital Identity.  Because of that, they lose college, employment, and intern opportunities and lose the trust of the professional community as they are evaluated by technology as a brand risk for those who interact with them.   A staggering 90% of student online activity may cause Professional Brand harm or limit career opportunities.

Colleges and Employers are looking for students that have mastered Professional Branding on Social Media.  Earning the Advantage Talent Empowered User Essentials Digital Skills Badge is the best way to:

  • Show colleges and employers that you know how to professionally use LinkedIn
  • Display that you will not be a risk to their brands

In this course you will learn:

  • A seemingly simple but powerful proven process to give you the kind of indestructible brand that will keep you Relevant, Influential and In-Demand, whether reviewed by Technology or college admissions teams, employers or other professionals
  • How to build a great reputation and watch how it becomes the ultimate competitive advantage

Earn Badges by Completing Brand Control is A.R.T.™ Courses

By completing this course you can earn the Social Media Empowered User Essentials Digital Skills Badge!

Why is an Advantage Talent Digital Credential Valuable to you?

  1. Makes it easy to broadcast your new Digital Skill Achievement upskilling inline with the Global defined new digital skills.
  2. Improves your professional brand.
  3. Shows the world your skills are curent and verifiable.

Sharing your badge on LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms allows you to showcase your new skills.

Advantage Talent Digital Credentials are verified through Credly, the leading corporate badging verification platform for skill recognition and credential verification.

Successfully Completing Advantage Talent’s LinkedIn Empowered User Essentials Course will show Employers you have acquired the following skills:

  • The Student can articulate and set customized Professional Brand Goals for using their LinkedIn Profile.
  • The Student knows how to develop strategies for leveraging LinkedIn’s Profile Page to achieve better alignment with their customized Professional Brand Goals.
  • The Student knows how to make informed decisions on how to use their LinkedIn Profile to better integrate into the LinkedIn Professional Network.
  • The Student knows  “Why” they have a LinkedIn Profile and how to set customized Professional Branding Goals.
  • The Student knows “How” to Build Out the Experience Section to build trust in their Professional Brand Expertise.
  • The Student knows how to Define their “What” for maximizing their Professional Brand Uniqueness.
  • The Student understands that they must Share their “Where” so Professionals can find them and collaborate with them.

The Student understands that LinkedIn is a Professional Online Network.

The Student understands that Professional Goals for Online Networking are just as important as Professional Goals for participating in Traditional Networking.

The Student understands that just like Traditional networking you have to create a trustworthy and verifiable brand through your LinkedIn Profile.

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