Creating Customer Loyalty in Times of Uncertainty

Jill Goldworn, CLMP Co-Founder and CRO, thefirstclub

Jill shares information on how to build brand loyalty in a disrupted market.  According to her the brand loyalty market was already changing. The current situation requires companies to be thoughtful in their approach to avoid marketing missteps.

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Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council, Shares Why Jill Goldworn #YouAreRemarkable

Innovative Thinker & Passionate about improving the human experience

I was first introduced to Jill last year by her brother, Jeff Goldworn.  He told me she is ‘really smart’ and you will like her. He was right.  Jill is an innovative thinker who has her pulse are where things are going, including how some companies had begun using blockchain to manager their customer loyalty programs.

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Actively listening to others elevates them and elevates your value as a professional. Collaboration, which begins with listening before talking, is essential for growing it forward. We have the brain trust to make great things happen in our careers, companies and society!

Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council
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