Employer Branding

Every Company has an unauthorized biography

Have you looked at your employees’ LinkedIn Profiles lately?

72% Recruitering Leaders Worldwide

Agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring. (LinkedIn)

A staggering 80% of Executive and Employee

Activity on LinkedIn may cause Corporate Brand harm in attracting and retaining Top Talent and Next-Gen Leaders.

Your employer brand IS a Living Logo. It is created by your employees.

A company's employee social media profiles are the company's employer brand.
Every product, service, or company is only as good as the individuals behind it, which is why optimized LinkedIn Employee Profiles are such an essential element in building a great employer brand.

The Employer Living Logo™ cannot be outsourced to a Social Media Department nor to the Marketing Department.

Influencer Marketing is all about incluence marketing is all about influence the right people and not influencing the most people.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is basically how you sell your company to the Top Talent and Next-Gen Leaders you want to recruit. Your Employer brand is targeted influencer marketing that attracts the employees you want to hire.

Having a strong employer brand identity is important for your company to succeed in today's highly competitive job market.

Build a Rock Solid Employer Corporate Brand with your Living Logo™

Every Company has an Employee Living Logo™ on LinkedIn – is your company’s recruitment brand rock solid?  When you have a strong Employee Living Logo™, you have an indestructible recruitment brand. 

Top Talent and Next-Gen Leaders flock to you. They are loyal to you, and your brand has enough built-in trust to withstand scrutiny.


If you have a weak Employee Living Logo, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.  You’ll struggle to attract and keep Top Talent and Next-Gen Leaders. The real brand of any company is simply the sum of the reputations of their senior leaders and their employees.

Yet surprisingly, most Companies have virtually no strategy, intention or process to shape their Employee Living Logo Online Reputation. Because of that, they lose Top Talent, lose Next-Gen Leaders, fail to keep employees engaged, and lose the trust of the professional community as they are evaluated by candidates as a Professional Brand Risk.

The single most valuable asset for attracting and retaining Top Talent and Next-Gen Leaders is your company’s Employee Living Logo™.

Your Employees Own Your Recruitment Brand

Every company has a Living Logo™.  We use data centered technology to analyze your Living Logo™ to determine whether your employee LinkedIn Profiles reveal Brand Ambassadors, Brand Neutrals, or Brand Detractors.


You Can't Market It Away. You can't Hide It.

Your Organization is on displace.

Diverse & Inclusive at All Levels?

Attackinng others

Employees' Bad Behavior and Bias on Display?'

Living Logo™ Identification - Phase 1

The Corporate Living Logo™ cannot be outsourced to a Social Media Department or to the  Marketing Department.  Top Talent only responds to transparent and authentic employee social media profiles.  Every company has a Living Logo™.  We use technology to analyze your Living Logo™ to determine whether your employees’ LinkedIn Profiles reveal employees that are Brand Ambassadors, Brand Neutral, or Brand Detractors.

Based on analysis and identification of your current Living Logo™,  we help you create a simple and customized plan that is a win for employees and the employer.  We help you multiply trust in your culture and brand!

Living Logo™ Optimization - Phase 2

A great employer brand cannot be faked.  weak employer brand cannot be ‘marketed away.’ 

Your employee profiles create transparency into your company culture.  LinkedIn allows candidates to use data, not rumor or marketing campaigns, to judge a company’s commitment to making sure the employee-employer relationship is a win for both stakeholders.

Future employees are reviewing Linkedin profiles of Executives and Team Members to determine whether to apply to jobs, to accept interviews, or to accept offers.  A company’s Living Logo™ determines a company’s competitiveness in the talent market.

Candidates can see if you have authoritative and self-absorbed leaders.  They can tell if you don’t have diversity and inclusion.  They can tell if there is a retention issue in a division or company-wide.  Most importantly, they can tell if the company culture is one where all stakeholders win, the employee and the employer.

Your employee profiles are being put under a magnifying glass by candidates.  We work with you to create a rock-solid employer brand that withstands scrutiny!

Corporate Living Logo Training

Cusomized Training for the Company Captains and Champions.

Online Training for Employees

Digital Citizenship Training to a learn the best practices for protecting their brand and the companies brand.

The Research Behind the Living Logo™ Solution

We interviewed over 2,500 candidates who have high in-demand skills.  We asked the following questions:

  • Where do you go to find out more about a potential employer?
  • What would keep you from interviewing with a company?
  • What would keep you from accepting a job offer from a company?

The answers to, “Where do you go to find out more about a potential employer?” were eye opening!

GenX and Boomers were more likely to talk to people in their personal network first, then look at GlassDoor Reviews when researching a company.  They went to GlassDoor to understand how the CEO was viewed by the employees.  The more Senior the Professional, the greater their interest in understanding the CEO. 

Over 70% of Top Talent GenX and Boomers checked out employee LinkedIn profiles if offered an interview with a company.  The employee LinkedIn profiles did influence their feelings about the opportunity and the company.

There is a generational divide.

Millennial and GenZ Top Talent lived up to their ‘Google It’ reputation.  While this group also talked to people in their personal network, they gave more weight to the information found online.  Over 90% of Millennial and GenZ Top Talent candidates looked at employee LinkedIn Profiles first.  Some looked at Glassdoor but it was not reviewed as often by candidates in this group.

Negative Glassdoor reviews did shape opinion if the corporation had weak LinkedIn Employee Profiles.  If the LinkedIn employee profiles presented something different they were more likely to dismiss the Glassdoor information.

The best practice is to have a great Living Logo™ and great GlassDoor Reviews.

An out of touch, weak Employee Living Logo™ is infinitely more damaging than a poor Glassdoor review.

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