Engaging Top Talent

We help corporate America improve employee engagement and branding to recruit and retain top talent.

Together the human recruiter and A.I. can search for employees with the top hard and soft skills.  We use top of the line technology combined with experienced recruiters to help you get Engaged Top Talent.  Engagement starts at the first point of contact.

Candidates are checking out your employee’s social media profiles.  Does your employee living logo hurt or help your brand?

If you have employees, you have an “Employee Living Logo”

What we are witnessing in the age of social media is the battle for control of the Corporate Brand.  Each of your employees falls into the following categories:  Brand Ambassador, Brand Neutral, or Brand Detractor. Executives have a choice of owning the Employee Living Logo for brand optimization or be disengaged and owning the consequences.

Employee Living Logo System TM

Our Employee Living Logo System™ is for Corporations who want to learn how to create a great Employee Living Logo that keeps their brand relevant, influential, and in-demand for recruiting top talent.

Choose to Take Control!

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