Feedback2Fuel: Learn New Skills to Stay Competitive

On average, employees will need 101 days of retraining and upskilling in the period up to 2022. Emerging skills gaps — both among individual workers and among companies’ senior leadership — may significantly obstruct organization’s transformation management. (World Economic Forum)

You have received the Feedback. Now it’s time to turn Feedback2Fuel™. Feedback:

✅1.) All jobs will change.

✅2.) Everyone needs to upskill.

Turning the Feedback2Fuel means:

✅1.) Take action now to upskill hard & soft skills through College online courses (MOOCS), LinkedIn Courses, Corporate Courses, IBM Badges or other Certifications

✅2.) Become a continuous learner

It is important to add new skills to stay competitive.  To get employed it is important to continue to improve your digital skills.  This includes having the right skills to create a professional brand on LinkedIn.  To learn more about how to have a top Professional Brand on LinkedIn take the Advantage Talent, Inc.  Empowered User Essentials Course.

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