Globalization, Technology Innovation, and Human Capital

Evelina Roseman, PhD, MBA, Chief Economist

Evelina is a Business Economist and a Crisis Manager with 21 publications on topics of globalization, innovation and human capital and 5 global corporate awards from Fortune 500 companies for strategies well planned and brilliantly executed. Evelina shares trends in the Future of Work and Innovation.

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Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council, Shares Why Evelina Roseman #YouAreRemarkable

Strategic Thinker & Passionate about making data meaningful

I met Evelina last year through a friend.  Our first meeting was fascinating as Evelina shared information and economic data on the Future of Work.  What was most striking was the way she was able to apply the research and speak about what actions should be taken in a concrete and concise manner.

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Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council