How to Manage Funding and Cash Flow in Uncertain Times

Jeff Baker, Executive Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions, InComm

Jeff Baker, Executive Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions, InComm. “VC and Private Equity funding are currently at a standstill during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.” Jeff gives insights on what other professionals are doing to get alternative sources of funding and managing cash flow. Jeff has completed acquisitions and divestitures in the US, Russia, UK, Spain, Belgium, Philippines, Austria, Colombia, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council, Shares Why Jeff Baker #YouAreRemarkable

Forward Thinker & Passionate about finding the right companies to bring together

I have known Jeff for over 10+ years.  As a member of the Advantage Talent, Inc. Financial Executive Forum, I observed first hand how Jeff shared best practices that were constantly evolving based on available data and information.  Jeff’s zone of genius is his contextual intelligence.  He has the ability to understand the limits of his knowledge and to that knowledge to a context different from the one he original learned.  That’s why when I was asked to create a Grow It Forward Vitural Summit for MidCap Leaders and Middle Market Leadeers, he was my first call.

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Actively listening to others elevates them and elevates your value as a professional. Collaboration, which begins with listening before talking, is essential for growing it forward. We have the brain trust to make great things happen in our careers, companies and society!

Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council
Technology is changing healthcare, industries and careers. Knowledge is the new Super Power.
As a Career Coach, many people ask me what is the difference between a good career and a great career. Good Careers happen to you. Great Careers live within you. – Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council
A leader has the responsibility to embrace the change and guide their team through this change, achieving the ultimate goal – improved productivity through technology and increased value-add to the enterprise through data-driven decisions. – Judy Romano
As businesses look for new ways to engage employees, customers, grow their brand, and provide a superior experience, augmented reality (AR) is being adopted by many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.