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How does an Application Tracking System Work?  What happens to my resume when it is uploaded in a Corporate or Recruiter ATS System?

1.)  First Applicant Tracking Systems takes out all formatting in the resume.

This means that boxes, pictures, colored areas become &%$$#$$%%##$^$^$^$^$##@ – .  All of this shows up in random places throughout your resume.  It is distracting and makes the resume difficult to read.

2.)  Do not type in the HEADER or FOOTER.  DO NOT number pages. Information that is typed in the header and the footer area are put throughout the resume where there are page breaks.  Resumes are not printed.  The Hiring Manager reads the uploaded resume on a screen.

Don’t make your resume look out of date and hard to read. (Some Applicant Tracking Systems will not pick up your Name or Contact information if you typed the information in the Header.)

3.) If you do not have a date attached to your College Degree, the system assumes that you did not graduate.  Contrary to many popular advice articles —never leave off your graduation date.  The Gatekeeper – the Applicant Tracking System – will show you as not meeting the degree requirements.

This harms the candidate in the future too.  Many corporations and recruiters automatically have the ATS System search candidates that have hard skills needed for a new job post.  The Application Tracking system will attach candidates from the system to the new job posting.  If a college degree is a required hard skill in the job description, not having a graduation date means the system will screen the candidate out.