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Take Your Career From Good to Great

Good Careers happen to you. Great Careers live within you. Quote by Tracy Levine Forbes Coaches Council

We live in a world where people think that finding personal greatness is rare, and when someone does tap into their greatness we splash their pictures and words across the media.  In business, they have a following as loyal as a social media influencer.  Why?  Because you and I both strive to win in our lives and careers and we’re looking for clues on how to be great. 

Greatness lives within you, so don’t be afraid to reach for your full career potential.   Your inner greatness and, by extension, your extraordinary career is achievable, and you only have to activate it.  If greatness lives within all of us, “Why is it hard for so many to tap into that greatness to create a GREAT Career?”

We live in a world where many people's greatness goes untapped because they don't understand how to filter feedback.

Everyone wants positive feedback.  We like to hear feedback that confirms that our boss and peers view us as valuable members of the team.  We like to hear from our families that we are a valued and respected member of the family.  We like it when others outside of our family give us positive feedback.  This type of positive feedback keeps people addicted to their social media accounts looking for likes and shares.

Nobody wants feedback that makes them feel bad.  We have all received feedback that has made us sad, mad, and on occasion maybe even made you feel crushed.  It is what we do with this feedback that determines our ability to tap into our own greatness and create a great career.

Master Feedback - Master Momentum

Most people miss out on key elements of a great career because they cannot overcome their fears of failure.  What would happen if they followed their passion, tried out their new idea, or ditched the norm, and they failed?  Failure is the type of feedback many people spend their lives desperately trying to avoid.

People who have great careers are not embarrassed by failure and do not try to sweep their losses under the rug.  They have learned how to filter feedback, even failure.  They know how to analyze the lessons that can be learned and take action to update their career plan to make it great.

Why is it essential for everyone to get comfortable with uncertainty and failure?

The traditional approach to career planning requires precise steps and often leads executives and career counselors to underestimate uncertainty. Embracing the conventional method can be downright dangerous to career sustainability.  Therefore, if you want a great career, you must accept that there will be some missteps navigating in a new reality where even employers don’t know what type of employees they will be hiring one to three years from now.

The workforce ecosystem is continuing to change.  Machines will continue to do more of the legacy jobs.

Companies expect to reduce their workforces as they increase technological integration and automation.  New jobs will be created with different skill requirements.   More workers will be contractors that are hired to do task-specialized work.

Automation will change the workforce

The Future of Jobs Report 2020 finds, “the window of opportunity to reskill and upskill workers has become shorter.” And, “for those workers set to remain in their roles, the share of core skills that will change in the next five years is 40%, and 50% of all employees will need reskilling.

Don't Create your own Career Cancel Culture

Whether you are just starting your career or pretty far down your career path, the feedback is you must transition or pivot. Empower yourself to have a new career in the 21st Century by shaking off your fear of failure.  Go ahead, find a new passion and career path.  We all have the capacity to create a great career.

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