EMBRACE DIGITALIZATION, INNOVATE by Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council

Leaders Magazine Issue 1 April 2020

There is probably no force more influential to the way we work than the adoption of digitalization. Corporations have been adopting technology for awhile but the move to digitalization has changed everything about the way we can get business done.

The recent Pandemic showcased the competitive advantage between the companies that had already moved from digitization to digitalization. They had less business disruption.

Job disruption was coming as more companies were slowly moving from digitization to digitalization. The current situation that requires employees to stay in place and work remotely has lay bare the evidence that the skills gap is wide. Companies and IT had to struggle to balance complex systems issues while helping employees use basic digital tools for remote work.

Before the pandemic, EY had already predicted a major transition in talent trends that would result from moving from digitization to digitalization. First, companies would have to hire different skills than before.  The top skills would be design thinking, data sciences, and robotics.

Design thinking will be moved from product design to internal design for ease of interaction between the employee and technology.

The term Digital Design Thinking is a collective design activity of designers to follow the process of the creative way to solve a problem of the digital world like web, mobile, wearable, VR, etc.  Sreeray

Digital Design Thinking is all about innovation.  As Karyn Mullins, President, Healthcare Technologies, a Jackson Healthcare Company said at our recent Grow It Forward Virtual Summit, history shows that during and after every crisis in the United States, companies embrace innovation.   The current pandemic is no different.

Digitization is the process of converting information in the physical world into a format that can be accessed online.

According to Gartner, digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities.

“The employee skill gap is at a crisis level. Everyone needs to jump in and embrace the new world of digitalization. Digitalization has the power to reimage and reengineer processes, systems and what we know."

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