Employee Engagement

It Doesn't Have To Be That Way!

The University of Pennsylvania and Harvard cite that Merger & Acquisition activity has reached historically high levels of failure, with rates as high as 90 percent.  And the #1 reason for failure is “Culture.”

Culture failure equals leadership failure.

Culture Determines Outcomes. Culture Due Diligence Matters!

To guarantee Merger & Acquisition success, your human capital strategy must be a critical business priority.  Delay of cultural due diligence until after the transaction closes may undermine the very purpose of the deal.

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Accelerate the Culture Due Diligence Process

Gallup Research found that during the last 18 years, an average of only 30% of employees have been actively engaged at work.  Culture Due Diligence is becoming a best practice for companies as they evaluate the effectiveness of their human capital model and workforce organizational structure, and whether the processes currently used are likely to keep employees engaged and attract top talent.

Companies are now using benchmarking tools to evaluate cultural competitiveness. Substantial changes to culture are often required prior to deal initiation if a company intends to achieve strategic objectives and deliver the promised value of M&A deals.  

M&A deals have a bias for speed, and often there’s a temptation to cut corners when evaluating the culture and workforce.  Every deal has its unique challenges, and gaining insight about behaviors, personalities, values and motivations of stakeholders creates a distinct advantage for companies preparing for post-deal success.

The CoreEngager™ Solution

CoreEngager™ is a Data-Driven Human Capital Management solution that is being used to overcome M&A challenges and improve the effectiveness of pre-deal strategy, post-deal integration, and achievement of sales targets and EBITDA.

Engagement, collaboration, top-talent retention and recruitment effectiveness all improve as clients gain a comprehensive understanding of key stakeholder Personalities, Behaviors, and Motivators throughout the M&A process.

Clients use our CoreEngager™ solution to capture high-value data-driven insights and put them to use throughout the deal lifecycle, from target identification through post-acquisition integration, and beyond. These insights, which were once beyond reach are now available for building higher levels of engagement and collaboration, and for creating a culture that attracts core employees that work together to achieve EBITDA results.

Our CoreEngager™ solution enables you to understand stakeholders and provides insight into their normal behaviors, personalities, values, and motivations.  You can now gain stakeholder due diligence insights based on stakeholder experiential data, versus relying on individual perceptions.

Engaged Leaders drive successful M&A deals.

CoreEngager™ utilizes AI-based data analytics to support stakeholder due diligence and cultivates stakeholder engagement from deal inception through post-deal integration.

The resulting insights are essential tools for building trust, managing negotiations, encouraging collaboration, improving post-deal culture, retention of top talent and next-generation leaders, and retention and growth of key customers.


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  • They need to reduce Due Diligence cost by gaining High-value Target team insights and Early Identification/Termination of Unsuitable Pursuits.
  • They want to build a foundation of trust and engagement to accelerate deal negotiation and close.
  • They want to achieve company-wide collaboration and engagement that delivers post-acquisition integration synergies.
  • They need to quickly improve communication and collaboration between teams or departments to hit EBITDA targets
  • They decide to quickly Increase sales by assigning the right sales team members to the right customers.