Mergers and Acquisitions

The Clients We Help

We’re known by executive leaders through the US for our strategic M&A leadership, and we work with executives and their teams to boost performance throughout the deal lifecycle; pre-deal, integration and beyond. Executives also recognize our achievements as we help them increase engagement and collaboration of their core people. Our clients know that engagement and M&A success are both important strategic initiatives and that the challenges of maintaining and improving engagement compound as leaders deliver on M&A strategy.

So we created an end-to-end AI-based solution that helps companies improve engagement and collaboration to unlock hidden value in M&A deals.

The CoreEngager™ Solution

CoreEngager™ is a Data-Driven Human Capital Management solution that is being used to overcome M&A challenges and improve the effectiveness of pre-deal strategy, post-deal integration, and sales target and EBITDA achievement. Engagement, collaboration, top-talent retention and recruitment effectiveness all improve as clients gain a comprehensive understanding of key stakeholder Personalities, Behaviors, and Motivators throughout the M&A process.

Clients use our CoreEngager™ solution to capture high-value data-driven insights and put them to use throughout the deal lifecycle, from target identification through post-acquisition integration and beyond. These insights, which were once beyond reach are now available for building higher levels of engagement and collaboration, and for creating a culture that attracts core employees that work together to achieve EBITDA results.

The University of Pennsylvania and Harvard cite that M&A activity has reached historically high levels of failure, with rates as high as 90 percent.  And the #1 reason for failure is “Culture.”  Culture failure equals leadership failure.

There is no reason to accept 'old school' processes and 'old school' failures

CoreEngager™ enables you to understand the Living Logo™ of stakeholders and insight into their normal behaviors, personalities, values and motivations. You can now gain stakeholder due diligence insights based on stakeholder experiential data versus relying on individual perceptions.

Successful M&A deals are driven by engaged Leaders. CoreEngager™ utilizes AI based data analytics to support stakeholder due diligence and cultivates stakeholder engagement from deal inception through post-deal integration.  The resulting insights are important tools for managing negotiations, encouraging collaboration, improving post-deal culture, retention of top talent and next-generation leaders, and retention and growth of key customers.