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Time is running out on companies that do not address employee disengagement.

Multiply Engagement

Our mission is to solve the Employee Disengagement Crisis.  The cornerstone of our solutions is, of course, are expertise in Top Talent Recruiting and Coaching which makes us uniquely qualified to ADDRESS the Disengagement Problem.

We know why employees disengage and have a front seat to trends in hiring and job transformation.

Background:  Over the past year, we have spoken to thousands of CEO’s, VP’s of HR and other C-Suite Executives about what steps they were taking to address the TRILLION Dollar Disengagement Problem and their fight for top talent.

What We Learned:  Even some of the most proactive Executives and Employers felt they were still struggling to find the right approach and tools to achieve sustainable and ongoing employee engagement, top talent recruitment and skills gap management.

We are Engagement Specialists.  Who We Help:

Day 1

We help you Recruit and Attract Top Talent by improving your Employee Living Logo™.

Companies that need
a proven system
for retaining
Top Talent

We advise and train on how to create a retention culture based on Self-verification and Identity Fusion Principles to create loyal Brand Ambassadors.  We help our clients create an Add Value First Cultire™.

Companies that need outplacement that creates a positive customer experience!

Traditional Outplacement does not work.  We help people multiply their Professional Brand to multiply opportunities.

Professionals and Businesses that want to create the right impression on LinkedIn

Our Brand Control is A.R.T.™  online program will teach Professional Digital Citizenship skills on how to use LinkedIn to execute on creating a Rock Solid Professional Brand that turns Employee Profiles into Brand Ambassador Profiles.

Conferences, Event Planners, Associations & Corporations who are looking for Ahead of the Curve Keynote Speakers

Learn “What is really Causing Disengagement”, the “New definition of engagement for 2020 and Beyond”, and “How to Re-engage with Current Employees and Recruit Top Talent.”