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We are an engagement strategy firm for companies, leaders, and professionals who want to build better cultures that “Give Value First.”

Our services are designed to clarify how to take steps to help Future-proof your Workforce, Future-proof Careers, and Future-proof EBITDA.

We are Culture and Engagement Scientists who use innovative tools to target and customize our solutions to increase client outcomes.

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Employer Branding Strategy

Imagine being the first company that receives resumes from Top Talent and Next-Gen Leaders.  Your current employees are actively engaged.  Your company is a talent magnet for hard to find new skills. We help you turn imagination into reality.

Employee Engagement Consultants

Imagine you could confidently say to the Executive Suite that you had an action plan for addressing engagement and skill shortages.  You have drastically cut recruiting costs. You are hitting your Top Talent recruiting and retention KPIs.  You have a permanent seat at the C-Suite table because you proactively solve problems.

Culture Consultants

You know the Top Talent you WISH were your loyal employees. The main reason Top Talent is not loyal to you or trying to join your company is that another company has a better culture to offer them. We help you have the better culture.

M&A Culture Due Diligence

Imagine the Merger & Acquisition post-deal integration was a huge success. The Leaders and Top Talent are actively engaged. The employees are productive and adding value because they want to stay. We help you turn imagination into reality.

Personal Branding for Leaders

We will share with your leaders a seemingly simple but powerful proven process to give your leaders an indestructible brand. Their brand will keep them Relevant, Influential and In-Demand when reviewed by Top Talent and Next-Gen Leaders. Learn how to build a great leadership reputation and watch how it becomes the ultimate competitive advantage.

Leadership Training

Imagine creating a culture that aligns with the 181 CEOs from the top corporations in America. The members of the Business Roundtable signed a commitment to creating a culture where all stakeholders win.    We help leaders develop a customized action plan to create a culture that reduces the expense of disengaged employees, multiplies opportunities to attract Top Talent, and increases productivity and growth.

Keynote Speakers Michael Levine and Tracy Levine

Key Note Speakers

Hire Tracy Levine or Michael Levine for your next Conference, Association Event, or Corporate Event if you are looking for Ahead of the Curve Keynote Speakers. Learn “What is really Causing Disengagement,” the “New definition of engagement for 2020 and Beyond”, “How to Re-engage with Current Employees and Recruit Top Talent,” and “How Professionals must lead in the age of Globalization, Automation, and Digital Transformation.”

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