Personal Branding is a must have for Professional Success

Professionals never concentrated on personal branding before, so what has changed in the last few years?  Why is a personal brand now a must have for every professional?

On the surface, nothing has changed.  When business executives are looking to hire an expert, it is still the norm to ask their Professional Network who they would recommend.  Why?  People buy from people, not companies.  Therefore, being well known among your prospective customers and clients continues to be important.

In reality, everything has changed with the addition of social media to the equation.  After receiving a referral, the next action most people take is to look at the person’s LinkedIn Profile.  Not having a LinkedIn Profile that confirms your expertise can turn a warm lead into a missed opportunity.

For professionals, Personal Branding is the process of becoming known as an expert.

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Master Personal Branding. Increase Professional Opportunities.

1. Get in front of Professionals who can say, “Yes.”

If people don’t know about you, they can’t do business with you. LinkedIn is the largest global professional social media networking platform. The best place to start your personal branding is by creating a public LinkedIn Profile.

2. Give Value First.

The act of giving something of high quality and value first makes it easier for others to understand your Professional expertise.

3. Make your value easy to understand.

Unless you are looking for a job, do not write your job summaries to look like a resume. Use this valuable space to show how you added value to your clients’ or customers’ bottom line instead of your employer’s. Show a history of adding customer value.

4. Be a Professional that’s a valuable connection.

Just like traditional networking, professionals connect with other professionals that add value to their careers.

5. Add Value to the Network.

Build strong relationships on day one. Do not set up a LinkedIn Profile as a ‘placeholder’ or static website biography page. Social Media platforms are about interacting with others. The best way to succeed with personal branding is to support other professionals’ brands. Read their posts, read their blogs, and respond when they reach out to you.

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