LinkedIn Empowered User Essentials Package

Congratulations you are one step closer to optimizing your Professional Brand on LinkedIn and Earning your Social Media Empowered User Essentials Badge!

Employers and Clients are looking for Leaders that have mastered Professional Branding on Social Media. Earning the Advantage Talent Empowered User Essentials Digital Skills Badge is the best way to show employers and clients that you know how to professionally use LinkedIn, and you will not be a risk to their brands.

You also get access to

LinkedIn Digital Citizen Essentials

In this course you will learn how to be an Authentic Member of the LinkedIn Community.

LinkedIn Knowledge Constructor Essentials

In this course, you will learn insider tested fundamentals that you can use to consistently create High Integrity content.

Digital Presenter Badge

LinkedIn Digital Presenter Essentials

You will learn how to be an Effective Communicator in the LinkedIn Community.