Compensation and Role Negotiation

The Compensation and Role Negotiation Package is designed to provide you with access to tools and negotiation strategies that are overlooked by most candidates.  We work with you to expand your understanding of the negotiation process, and the alignment of your goals with company goals.  We also help you organize your thoughts before the negotiation takes place, and we work with you throughout the negotiation process.

What’s included?

  • Up to one hour (60 minutes) of Conversations and other communications per month


Clients may discontinue this Compensation and Role Negotiation Package (monthly subscription) at any time.

Clients are encouraged to contact Career Coach/Agent to evaluate career decisions.   Access to Coach/Agent includes up to one hour per month:

  • Client meetings
  • Phone calls
  • Other communication (email, text, etc.)
  • Research
  • Customized work, etc.

Additional Services (hours in excess of one hour per month) are provided at the 2018 discounted hourly rate of $250.00.  Communications of 10 minutes or less with Coach/Agent are not included in calculation of Additional Services fees.