Sales Team Members are The Company Brand Ambassadors

Sales Team Members are The Company Brand Ambassadors

Great Sales Team Profiles make you stand out from your competitors. Be the verified and trusted solution.

Employee LinkedIn Profiles Build Trust In The Team

Every product, service, or company is only as good as the individuals behind it, which is why optimized Sales Team Member LinkedIn Employee Profiles are such an essential element in building customer loyalty and trust.  Therefore, your employees must:

  • Be accessible: Searchable on LinkedIn
  • Be relevant: Relevant content in an employee LinkedIn Profile includes information that moves your sales team to the top of expert searches by AI and allows the buyer to see that your sales team is top-notch.
People buy products and services from Professionals.

Customers are evaluating your company and sales team online before they engage.   By reviewing your Sales Team members’ profiles, customers can tell:

  • If team members are connected, engaged and invested in each others success
  • If team members are professional
  • If team members have low Digital Citizenship Skills and are a brand risk for the customer

Does your sales team look like a successful team?

Successful teams are happy to share who is on their team.  They are proud of their fellow team members.  Team members want to share with the world the depth, breath, and expertise of their team.

* The sales team members are first connects with each other and the sales manager on LinkedIn.  Why?  If your team members don’t treat each other as valued members of the network, then customers and potential clients may be hesitant to connect with team members. 

* Team members endorse each others skills on LinkedIn.  Why?  If your team members don’t endorse each others skills, then customers and potential clients may be hesitant to endorse your team members’ skills on LinkedIn. 

Does your sales team look professional?

The first step in growing sales is to build trust in your teams professional brand.  Building trust only happens with transparency.   Professional LinkedIn Profiles are the first step.

Every Team Member has a public LinkedIn Profile in the name they use when introducing themselves to others.  Why?  The first step in building trust is people being able to confirm you are who you say are.

* Every Team Member has a public and up to date profile picture.  Why?  People buy from people. 

* Every Team Member has a full LinkedIn Profile that confirms expertise.  Why?  B2B sales success depends on Professionals knowing they are working with trusted experts who will provide the right solution.

Does your sales team look like a brand risk to customers and potential clients?

There are two types of brand risk your Team’s LinkedIn Profile may cause your customers and potential clients: internal and external.

* Internal Risk:  According to sales research there are 6.8 customer team members who are involved in choosing a B2B solution.  When a professional suggests your solution they are using political capital.  When the other members on the customer decision team look at your sales team’s LinkedIn Profiles it is important that they find experts that build trust.

* External Risk:  Sales Team Members with low digital citizenship skills are a brand risk for everyone.  They don’t understand the difference between a personal social media platform and a professional social media platform.  Therefore, they are at high risk of behaviors and posts that can cause brand backlash and shareholder damage.

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