TECHNOLOGY, ENABLES HUMAN CONNECTION by Rashmi Verma, Senior Director Technology, Equifax Inc.

Leaders Magazine Issue 1 April 2020

COVID-19 pandemic is bringing out empathy in people. Because of the quarantine, people are connecting and supporting each other in ways that one would hardly think about in normal circumstances. Virtual meetings and virtual get togethers are becoming part of our daily lives making us feel less isolated. This will become our new norm in which we will have a more connected and emotionally intelligent workforce in the days to come.

With increased workload, the way that cable and internet streaming have scaled up without a glitch, is very impressive.  Cloud solutions, security, and other supporting technologies behind the scenes are being tested for crisis management and disaster recovery.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models are providing predictive analytics are part of crisis management strategies.  Bigdata, Biometrics, and other insight technologies are being leveraged for COVID-19 contact tracing. Conference calls and FaceTime are bringing friends and families even closer than before. Technology is the driving force behind ensuring a functional society in these difficult times.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for leaders to demonstrate their crisis management abilities and lead by example. Rapid decision making, budget prioritization and ensuring good mental and physical health is critical during this pandemic. More leaders have now been introduced to the idea that working from home is a productive and viable solution for continuing to run businesses in crises.

Despite the challenges such as lack of childcare services and social distancing, it is amazing to see how people are continuing to stay focused on getting the job done. Situations such as this pandemic have caused humanity to endure substantial trials and suffering. The key is to stay positive, look at challenges as opportunities to demonstrate empathy, lead by example and provide all the support we can to the communities in need.

“Situations such as this pandemic, have caused humanity to endure substantial trials and sufferings. While it is heartbreaking to see so many lives lost to COVID-19, this pandemic is bringing out the best in people and technology is an enabler. We will have a more connected and emotionally intelligent workforce in the days to come"

Rashmi Verma, Senior Director Technology, Equifax Inc. Tweet

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Actively listening to others elevates them and elevates your value as a professional. Collaboration, which begins with listening before talking, is essential for growing it forward. We have the brain trust to make great things happen in our careers, companies and society!

Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council Tweet
It is a balancing act between empathy, active listening, transparency, positivity, communication whilst continuing to deliver results.
We have all gotten very good at washing our hands repeatedly.  Acquiring similar computing hygiene is the first step in stopping the spread of cybercrime.
While it is heartbreaking to see so many lives lost to COVID-19, this pandemic is bringing out the best in people, and technology is an enabler.
"Companies who had Flexible Working Policies in place in advance of the epidemic are adapting easier to the New Ways of Working. Maintaining productivity is important during these times but striking a work-life balance is equally important." by Ania Caruso CPCU, VP, Business Development, The Plexus Groupe
In a crisis, we return to the truest version of ourselves. For my team and me, that is to be a source of calm and confidence amidst the chaos.
The current situation that requires employees to stay in place and work remotely has lain bare the evidence that the skills gap is wide.