Telemedicine Innovation During Crisis: Grow It Forward

Karyn Mullins, President, Healthcare Staffing Technologies (a Jackson Heathcare Company)

Karyn has a passion for disruptive technologies and utilizing them to improve companies and the customers they serve. As a product innovator, she helps customers build differentiated technology offerings to help them stand out in their market. With over 20 years of proven success, Karyn has a demonstrated track record for achieving exceptional results in multiple industries including healthcare, cybersecurity, and e-commerce.

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Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council, Shares Why Karyn Mullins #YouAreRemarkable

Explorer & Passionate about cutting edge technology

True to her passion for technology and learning, Karyn has spent 2020 taking multiple classes to stay current with best practices around cloud and cyber security. 

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Actively listening to others elevates them and elevates your value as a professional. Collaboration, which begins with listening before talking, is essential for growing it forward. We have the brain trust to make great things happen in our careers, companies and society!

Tracy Levine, Forbes Coaches Council

As the use and value of technology in healthcare continues to rise, the number of interconnected devices grows as well. Data and Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) shared across these interconnected devices create more opportunities for bad actors to attack.

As the college graduate hiring rate declines to the highest number in decades, colleges are in the midst of an existential crisis.

2020 will be remembered as a tipping point for technology acceleration. Automation is projected to erase 85 million jobs globally in medium and large businesses across 15 industries and 26 economies by 2025. While many are quick to point out that news jobs will be created, they are not being created at a rate that is as quick as jobs are being eliminated.

Skills - like being nimble, agile, faster decision making - learned during the pandemic must not be forgotten. Applying the leadership lessons learned during 2020 will help leaders flourish in 2021 regardless of the circumstances!