What grade should students start career planning?

Answer: 5th Grade is the best time to start career planning.

We suggest that by 5th-grade parents and students should start thinking about their interests and passions.  Middle School is where students start getting funnelled into career paths.

The future of work will enable more students to thrive and win!


The beaten path won't get you there

According to the Deloitte’s most recent Future of Work survey:

Only 42% of Organizations are primarily made up of salaried employees, and employers expect to dramatically increase their dependence on contract, freelance, and gig workers over the next few years.

4 trends are changing the nature of work and careers:


What is Automation?

Remote Work

What is Remote Work?

Growth of Freelancers

What is a Freelancer?

More Paths to the Top

What are the Paths?