Your company MUST create a Give Value First Culture. Leaders must Empower, enhance, enable and engage employees.

Give Value Frst Cultures Empower, Enhance, Enable, and Engage.

What is a give Value First Culture?

A Give Value First Culture empowers career goals, enhances the employee experience, enables personal development, and engages each employee with a customized approach.

The first rule for selling any product is to give value first.  Brand loyalty is created when the customer gets a high-quality product and a trusted product.  Your employees are your customers.  Employees and top prospects now want to work for companies that will add value to their professional brands and careers.

Improve your Culture. Improve your Employee engagement.

Get the Talent You Want

You know the Top Talent you WISH were your loyal employees.  The main reason Top Talent is not loyal to you or trying to join your company is that another company has a better culture to offer them.

Give Career Value

You build brand loyalty by investing in your employees.  This includes supporting them through training and education that allows them to develop new skills for a rapidly changing world.  Get them the resources they need to Future-proof their careers.

Systems Leaders Change Worlds

It takes Systems Leaders to create a Give Value First Culture™.

“Systems Leadership is a set of skills and capacities that any individual or organization can use to catalyze, enable and support the process of systems-level change.” (Harvard Kennedy School, Corporate Responsibility)

“System Leaders apply an unusual combination of skills and attributes to mobilize large-scale action for systems change. 

Like many leaders, they tend to be smart, ambitious visionaries with strong skills in management and execution. Unlike traditional leaders, they are often humble, good listeners, and skilled facilitators who can successfully engage stakeholders with highly divergent priorities and perspectives. 

System Leaders see their role as catalyzing, enabling and supporting widespread action – rather than occupying the spotlight themselves.”  (World Economic Forum)

Diversity and Inclusion Improves Stakeholder outcomes

Build A Give Value First Culture™

Give Value First Culture™ Services

Our Process

Give Value First Culture™ Creation - Phase 1

Give Value First Culture™ Creation

You do not have to guess what will work with your Employees. We use data to give you insights on how to use your resources to achieve better culture outcomes.

Imagine creating a culture that aligns with the 181 CEOs from the top corporations in America who are the members of the Business Roundtable and signed the commitment.   Develop a customized action plan to create a culture that reduces the expense of disengaged employees, multiplies opportunities to attract Top Talent, and increases productivity and growth.   The Give Value First Culture™ framework allows you to align your plan with your resources and your company’s structure.

Give Value First Culture™ Maximization - Phase 2

Systems Leaders Coaching

Make your Give Value First Culture™ a reality. One-on-One coaching on how to be a Systems Leader and how to Lead in the era of ‘superjobs’.

A Give Value First Culturedepends on Systems Leaders that are skilled facilitators who can successfully engage stakeholders with highly divergent priorities and perspectives. 

We train Systems Leaders who create and execute on a Give Value First Culture™.  Leaders learn the skills needed to develop S.M.A.R.T. Goals that create alignment with Fostering Engagement and Stakeholder success for the Employer and the Employee.

Learn How to Give Career Value to Your Employees.

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